The Orthman 1tRIPr is regarded as the industry leading machine for strip-tillage.  The 1tRIPr strip till machine combines precision nutrient placement and seedbed preparation in a single field pass.

High performance conservation tillage implements at an economical cost. The Fallow-Master, Blade Plow, Terra Firm'r and Stubble Treaders can meet the producers broad acre tillage needs.

Orthman provides with virtually endless cultivator options, with 8 different models available.  The overall versatility of the family of cultivators benefits the producers who need to be most effective with each field pass.

The DR planter is a custom line of planters using an Orthman stack-fold toolbar with John Deere row units and seeding components. The planters are built by Orthman and are available from John Deere dealers throughout North America.

The Orthman GPS Ready Tracker IV Implement Guidance System provides industry leading precision implement guidance. 

Orthman realizes how critical harvest is for the producer.  All of the money is out and the field and downtime cannot be afforded.

The Orthman Kaddy Kart turns a mounted implement into a pull-type implement.

A variety of Orthman Lift Assist Wheels can provide a tractor with much needed additional lifting capacity. 

Orthman's available options for Listing, Bedding, Ripping and etc. gives the producer some serious options within this line of equipment.

 The new 3AP (all purpose) and 3LP (liquid) nutrient applicators are in a class of their own. Offering zero-maintenance ease of use and built on our world-renowned 7x7 toolbars, the Orthman precision fertilizer machines are perfect for your precision farm.

Choose the 5TT TRACK TILLr™ for pivot track maintenance or the 5SP Stalkpuller for residue management tool in old crops to pinch and pull root balls.

Orthman’s 1500 Series Planter and Cultivator Toolbars are the leading, most versatile folding toolbars in the row crop industry.

Orthman is known as a world wide leader when it comes to producing versatile stacking toolbars.