The Orthman 1tRIPr Strip-Tillage machine alleviates compaction, applies fertilizer and creates a seedbed while only disturbing minimal soil.
Orthman and John Deere have teamed up to provide customers with additional planter configuration options.
The GPS Ready Tracker IV Implement Guidance System provides maximum implement precision.
The Atlas Cart liquid or dry fertilizer distribution system.
A 1tRIPr used with a Combo Caddy can truly maximize a field pass.
Orthman has been providing innovative agricultural solutions to growers for over 45 years.  The Orthman plant is located just north of Lexington, Nebraska on the old Orthman farmstead.

Click here for the Precision Tillage site & blog for information on strip-till farming and other conservation practices.


Orthman is a proud member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association.
Orthman owner & President John McCoy serves as FEMA Ex Officio.